The Board of Education has five standing committees: Community Outreach, Education, Finance, Infrastructure, and Policy. The Committees meet monthly, quarterly, and/or as needed. Agendas will be released in BoardDocs within the timeframe of OMA standards.

Community Outreach Committee

  • BOE Chair: Sanjay Rao
  • Board Member: Syed Ali
  • Panelists: Superintendent O'Malley, Steve Ryan, George DeTella, Oak Brook Park District

Committee of the Whole/Education Committee

  • BOE Chair: Rotating
  • Board Member: Kavitha Neerukonda, Craig Donnelly, Sahar Ahmad, Syed Ali, John Baar
  • Panelists: Superintendent O'Malley, Andrea Prola, Melissa Zaniewski 

Finance Committee

  • BOE Chair: Keith Carlson
  • Board Member: Craig Donnelly
  • Panelists: Superintendent O'Malley, Jerry Brendel, Sandi Moore, Jim White

Infrastructure Committee

  • BOE Chair: Kavitha Neerukonda
  • Board Member: John Baar
  • Panelists: Superintendent O'Malley, Ray Harth, Bob Jakupi, Brian Kronewitter, Andrea Prola, Melissa Zaniewski

Policy Committee

  • BOE Chair: Craig Donnelly
  • Board Member: Sahar Ahmad
  • Panelists: Superintendent O'Malley, Lisa Owen, Andrea Prola, Melissa Zaniewski