The Board of Education has three standing committees: Buildings & Grounds, Finance, and Policy.

Buildings & Grounds Committee

The Buildings & Grounds Committee for District 53 reviews and evaluates the physical condition of the district's buildings, site infrastructure needs, and the district's life/safety requirements on a regular basis. The committee is designed to work with the district's architect of record when requires, keep abreast of current K-12 construction technologies, and be aware of school construction state funding programs. The committee currently gives a report and makes recommendations to the Board of Education on a monthly basis during the school year.

The Business Manager acts as the secretary of the committee, with one Board of Education member serving as the committee chair and representative from each building serves on this committee.


The Finance Committee is a subcommittee of the Board of Education and is comprised of two board members, Superintendent and Business Manger. The Business Manager acts as the secretary of the committee. The Finance Committee's chief responsibility is to insure the financial stability and integrity of the school district, both in the present and in the future. The committee meets to closely analyze the district's budget, make recommendations for the annual tax levy, review the work of the district's auditors, develop assumptions for financial projections, and meet with financial advisors. Butler 53 has enjoyed a long tradition of fiscal health and holds a AAA bond rating from Standard and Poors. 

Policy Committee

District 53, like most organizations, has a policy manual with many policies that provide guidance to the administration and the Board of Education on how many common activities should be conducted. There are nearly 200 policies divided in the Policy Manual into 10 sections. Many of these policies are required and constrained by federal or state law. As these laws are changed or previously unforeseen conditions develop, existing policies have to be modified or new policies have to be written. This committee works with the Superintendent to craft potential policy language that the committee will forward to the full board for their review and possible adoption.

The Superintendent acts as the secretary of the committee and usually also acts as the principle editor of policy language. Past practice has been to have building principals and staff members from each school building as continuing members of the committee to help provide continuity and institutional memory.