Preschool Screening

Butler School District 53 conducts free developmental screenings for children ages 3 to 5 years old who live within District 53. These screenings are both scheduled once per year in the fall, and on an as-needed basis.

To be eligible for screening, children should live in District 53 and not yet be enrolled in kindergarten. The screening process begins by collecting information from parents through a series of questionnaires, and if needed, culminates with an in-person developmental screening. The screening process identifies how each child is developing by assessing areas such as speech and language, pre-academic skills, large and small muscle skills, social/emotional development, hearing, and vision. The in-person screening takes about 60 minutes and takes place at the Oak Brook Park District (1450 Forest Gate Road, Oak Brook, IL). All screening results will be shared with parents. 

If you are interested in starting the screening process for your child, please complete the below form and a district representative will reach out to you within a few days.