Butler School District 53 conducts student registration annually online through the district website by using the link below. The completed registration process for all students includes the following:

  • A:  Access PowerSchool and completion of student information online
  • B:  Payment of Balance fees online
  • C:  Certify Residency
    • Submission of 3 residency verification documents to the district office (acceptable documentation includes property tax bill plus 2 recent utility bills: Cable, Electricity, Gas, Village of OB Water)
    • Signed Affidavit of Residency (forms below:with a copy of your state photo ID)

Students will not be allowed to attend classes until all of these steps are completed and verified.

Information for Pre-Registered and Returning Students  

Families of pre-registered and returning students will be mailed a registration packet in the spring. This packet includes personal instructions for completing the online registration and personalized fee payments.  Below are the online links for PowerSchool registration and payments.

Registration for New Families

Welcome! We look forward to greeting new families interested in sending their child to Butler District 53. Families new to the district should schedule an appointment with the Registrar by calling (630) 368-4520 to enroll their children. Prior to the appointment, families should review their property tax bills or contact their realtors to ensure they are registering for school in the proper school district. Only residents of District 53, those who physically occupy and live within a home in the Butler School District 53 boundaries, are eligible for enrollment.

District 53 conducts open enrollment for incoming kindergarten students in January at the district office. See registration flyer for dates.  Pertinent information includes.

At the time of registration, District 53 policy requires that families produce the following documents:

  • Adequate evidence of their legal residency (acceptable documentation includes property tax bill, closing documents, lease with 2 rent receipts, plus 3 documents such as recent utility bills, current vehicle registration, homeowner's insurance premium receipt, etc.)
  • Signed Affidavit of Residency (with a copy of your state photo ID)
  • An Original Official County Birth Certificate for all new students

Upon completion of enrollment, families of students new to the district will be mailed a registration packet in mid-April. This packet includes instructions for completing the online registration and fee payment.

Certificate of Health Examination

Parents must present evidence of student medical exam, including inoculations, for children enrolling in kindergarten, sixth grade and students enrolling for the first time in Illinois public schools. Parents must also present evidence of a vision exam for students enrolling in kindergarten and enrolling for the first time in Illinois public schools. Evidence of dental exam must be presented for students enrolling in kindergarten, grade 2 and grade 6.  All other students should present documentation from prior years as part of the cumulative file from a previous school district. Refer to State and Butler SD 53 Requirements by Grade.

Student Records

To assist with student academic placement, students transferring from other districts are asked to bring photocopies of their records. District 53 will ask parents to sign forms so that official copies can be sent directly from the prior district.

Residency Verification

District 53 students receive an excellent education and comprehensive support services. The high cost of educating our students is primarily by the residents of Oak Brook through their property taxes. Non-resident students who are unlawfully enrolled in our schools put an additional burden on Oak Brook taxpayers. Consequently, District 53 works cooperatively and continuously with the Village of Oak Brook to ensure that all students enrolled in its schools are residents of District 53.

Families new to the district must provide sufficient documentation to verify their living within District 53 boundaries. If information received at the time of registration does not satisfactorily confirm residency, District 53 will take one or more of the following steps:

  • Request additional verification of residency
  • Contact the realtor or lending institution regarding the property claim
  • Contact the Village of Oak Brook government
  • Make a personal home visit to verify residency

If District 53 determines that an enrolled student does not qualify as a resident of the district for school attendance purposes, the parent/guardian will be:

  • Notified of the student's immediate removal from school
  • Charged tuition as required by state law for each day of the child's attendance in District 53
  • Referred to law enforcement authorities for legal action

If the individual who enrolled their child does not remit tuition charges, District 53 will:

  • Take legal steps to collect tuition from the individual who enrolled the child
  • Seek a judgment to be recorded against the individual who enrolled the child

Enrolling a child into a district by deceit is a Class C misdemeanor, punishable by a $500.00 fine and up to 30 days in jail.

Affidavit of Residency Form for New Families

Affidavit of Residency Form for Current Students

Free Lunch and School Wavier Guidelines and Application