Superintendent's Message - January 14, 2022

Superintendent's Message - January 14, 2022

Dear Butler D53 Families and Staff,

As you heard from Board President Rao in December, Butler School District 53 Board of Education Member Laura Bieslin resigned after years of dedicated service to our school community. We are truly grateful for her volunteerism, time, dedication, and vision for the future of our school district. 

On Monday, January 10, 2022 at their Regular Meeting, the Board of Education approved the timeline to fill this vacancy. Per Board Policy, the Board of Education will accept résumés through 5:00 PM on Friday, January 14, 2022 from District 53 residents who are interested in filling this vacancy. If you are interested or know someone who would be interested in serving please send a résumé by 5:00 PM today to Board President Dr. Sanjay Rao at for consideration.

Additionally, I'm pleased to share that Butler School District 53 has been awarded a AAA S&P rating with a stable outlook on its proposed issue of debt certificates. The AAA credit rating is the highest possible credit rating. In its comments S&P noted the District’s extremely high wealth levels, stable and consistent financial operating results and sophisticated and knowledgeable management team.

With the Board's support, over the past several years, I secured the necessary licenses and testing supplies on behalf of the district to bring testing to our community. Collaboratively, we have a testing program and on-site lab that exemplifies the best practices identified by the CDC, IDPH, and DCHD, which has kept our staff, students, and community safe in the most dangerous part of the pandemic, and now what seems to be the most transmissible variant. With the nurses commitment and dedication, our school district provides a comprehensive testing opportunity to our school community and conducts thorough contact tracing.

In closing, please join me in thanking our school nurses in the District Health Center for continuing to navigate changing and updated COVID-19 guidance from local, state, and federal agencies. The efforts of Nurses Terry Hillen, Donna Lichtfuss, and Kathy Taylor are continuing to keep our students and staff healthy and safe; supporting keeping the unity in community, while building the immunity in community.

Stay well, be safe!

Dr. Paul O’Malley
Superintendent of Schools