Letter to Families and Staff 9.18.20

Letter to Families and Staff 9.18.20

Dear Butler D53 Families and Staff, 

We are in the process of forming a superintendent advisory committee for the district. Please be on the lookout for further information on the Pandemic Awareness Committee (PAC). This will be formed with staff and community members to ensure representation from all stakeholders. Additional information on the application process to participate will follow after the next Community Outreach Committee meeting. The purpose of the committee is to provide guidance during the ongoing threat from COVID-19 through a collaborative approach.

Beyond All Limits - A special thank you to our health services team who continue to go above and beyond to provide for our students, families, teachers, and staff. We are fortunate to have such caring, dedicated, and knowledgeable professionals serving our school district. Please join me in thanking:

  • Nurses: Terry Hillen, Nancy Smith, Anjanae Stieber
  • Social Workers: Kim Bayer, Tracey Honsbruch
  • School Psychologists Diane Janka, Reily Lynch

Since March 4, 2020,  I have been providing weekly correspondence that served the purpose of updating the status of pressing events, providing words of encouragement to our community and staff, and emphasizing our Unity as a Community. Based on feedback that I have received, that cadence has been appreciated during the unprecedented times.

I am letting you know in advance that I will continue to push out pertinent communications as events change, for pressing circumstances, and announcements as the needs arise. You will continue to receive building level weekly communications. 

I hope that you and your families have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

Stay safe, be well,

Dr. Paul O'Malley
Superintendent of School