Letter to Families and Staff 9.11.20

Letter to Families and Staff 9.11.20

Dear Butler D53 Families and Staff, 

We hope that you and your children have transitioned to full-day, in-person instruction for those of you attending school with us in the buildings. With any transition, there are always kinks to be worked out and as partners, we work through them together. We loved seeing our students eating their lunch, engaging with each other, and remaining physically distanced from each other.

One of the greatest things that I witnessed this week was the kids sharing lunch together among their friends and peers with a nice break between the two halves of the school day. This speaks volumes to the great partnership and support we've received from our parents, PTO, teachers, staff, and most importantly the students.

As a reminder, the Board of Education adopted Instructional Pathway: Modified Option Four which began our school year for two weeks with 1/2 in-person and 1/2 remote and transitioned on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 to full-day in-person instruction; with an option of full remote learning. Congruently, the District asked that you register your child(ren) over the summer, committing your family to remote, parallel instruction or in-person instruction through the end of the 1st Quarter at Butler Junior High or the 1st Trimester at Brook Forest. 

We are now following through with this commitment to provide your family the choice for the next quarter or trimester. If your family would like to change their learning option, we ask that you fill out the following form for the second quarter and second trimester titled Preliminary Request for Information for 2nd Quarter Butler Junior High (beginning October 26 through January 14) and 2nd Trimester Brook Forest (beginning October 29 through January 29). Our goal for this information is to provide our team with the necessary information to proceed with any registration changes.

We realize this request comes early into the school year. However, we need approximately six weeks to complete the necessary adjustments to our buildings to prepare for more learners to join in-person instruction. Any remote learners who will transition to in-person for the second trimester or quarter will be required to submit a self-certification form.

Please fill out the form by 8:00AM on Thursday, September 17, 2020.

Thank you for your attention to this matter so that our schools can plan accordingly.


Dr. Paul O'Malley
Superintendent of Schools