Letter to Families and Staff 9.4.20

Letter to Families and Staff 9.4.20

Dear Butler D53 Families and Staff, 

I'm humbled and grateful for the way the District 53 family has risen to the occasion, started the school year, and encouraged and supported each other throughout the first two weeks of school.

I love walking the halls and seeing our students interacting with their teachers and classmates - in-person and parallel remote, hearing the buzz of an exciting new school year, and witnessing firsthand the quality of academic excellence for which our district is known.

My special thanks to:

  • the PTO for supplying lunch for all of our staff last Friday; we truly appreciated the gesture, sustenance, and kindness.
  • our D53 teachers and staff; you are going above and beyond to re-imagine curriculum, enhance learning, and innovate.
  • our Director of Buildings and Grounds, Bob Jakupi, and his entire staff, Christine Grollo, Noel Irizarry, Jim Locigno, Adrian Gonzalez; your dedication to the safety and cleanliness of our buildings is second to none.
  • our Flip the Classroom (FTC) Model Program Coaches, Nina Angelillo, Nick Krejci, Kim Krupicka, Amanda Longtin, Reily Lynch, Kristen Miller, Katie Myers, Adam Nicholson, Robbie Philipp, Courtney Raschk, Phyllis Sutton, Katie Sweeney, Meg VanDyke, Jen Vargocko, Courtney Whittaker; your knowledge, commitment, and coaching of your fellow colleagues is awe-inspiring.

The FTC Model Program is working and we have received significant positive feedback on the application of this program from parents, students, and teachers. We are beyond grateful to the Board of Education for investing in professional development, summer school, and the FTC coaches for this to be successful.

We look forward to welcoming our in-person learners for full-day in-person instruction Beyond All Limits on Tuesday, September 8, 2020. Enjoy your long weekend!


Dr. Paul O'Malley
Superintendent of Schools