Social Emotional Newsletter No. 7 – Summer Fun and Learning

Social Emotional Newsletter No. 7 – Summer Fun and Learning

Summer Fun and Learning

With an unconventional summer nearing, we wanted to provide resources that could help you to keep children and families engaged and busy during the next few months. After all of the stress and uncertainty we’ve experienced these past few months, it might be tempting to go into summer with no plan. But sticking to a routine and keeping kid’s responsibilities in place can give them (and you) a sense of normalcy. Below are a few suggestions on summer routines. 

Although many typical summer activities may not be available, that doesn’t mean we have to default to technology to stay occupied. With a little bit of direction, a few resources, and a lot of time, kids have the opportunity for hours of outdoor play and learning opportunities. While the temptation might be to just ‘veg’... resist! Research shows that being outside for even 15 minutes can benefit us through a more positive mood and decreased feelings of stress. We hope you find the below resources helpful and wish you a wonderful summer!

Maintaining a Summer Schedule

Summer Activities

Other Helpful Resources