May 1 Letter to families and staff

May 1 Letter to families and staff

Dear Butler School District 53 families and staff,

My topic of this week's communication is our appreciation for “you”. You wear many hats as you balance your new routine, your job, parenting, as a caregiver, and teacher. As we all navigate and adjust, remember to take care of  “you”

You may be feeling an overabundance of stress, having restless nights, and vivid dreams. Please know that these are normal reactions to the pandemic we are facing. Is it possible that in such unsettling times, “good” can transpire? Are these times forcing us as a society to slow down, and view life in a more simplistic way? What is essential, what is fulfilling to us, what is needed as opposed to what do we want, and what are ways we can give of ourselves? Family, shelter, food, health, and service; if we focus on those elements and stay optimistic about the good, we will build our resilience, and inner strength. This week, I applaud “you”. Below are some helpful ideas to staying emotionally strong:

Stay connected: Social distancing does not mean “isolation”. 

Keep a routine: If you are working from home, it is much too easy to never “leave the office”. Keep a consistent routine with downtime to recharge.

Be active: We all know the proven correlation between physical activity and the reduction of stress.

While we are practicing social distancing, please know that you are not alone.


Dr. Paul O’Malley
Superintendent of Schools