Social Emotional Newsletter No. 2 - Coping and Calming Strategies

Social Emotional Newsletter No. 2 - Coping and Calming Strategies

Coping Skills, Calming Strategies and Mindfulness

As we all try to adjust to this new normal, week to week, it is so important to remember to live in the key of BALANCE. This school year has not ended, although we must adjust our daily expectations.  No, we do not get to go to school and see our teachers and friends, but it is not a lost school year.  We have much to learn and discover during this time. We have unique ways of keeping in touch with one another; of doing school work, creating art, exploring nature, and staying healthy and active.  It can be difficult to keep our spirits up all of the time, and that is okay.  While we may feel grateful for our health and safety, and for the time with our families, we may at the same time be experiencing grief or loss for many things. School events and activities, playdates with friends, lunch and recess with our peers, and many more things we feel sad about missing. It is normal and natural to be experiencing many mixed emotions.

What can we do to remain focused and present in the moment? How can we keep a positive attitude in the face of such uncertainty?  How can I help my child cope with such strong emotions? Practicing mindfulness helps us to be present in the moment. Mindfulness means simply being aware of our thoughts/ feelings.  Experiencing the here and now. Using coping skills and strategies can help when we are feeling strong emotions like anger, sadness, or frustration. Please remember to do what you can and take plenty of breaks for rest and movement. Enjoy the good weather days and keep a good balance. Here are some additional resources:



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