Butler District 53 Board President Dr. Elizabeth Chun resigns

Liz Chun

Butler School District 53 Board of Education President Dr. Elizabeth Chun resigned from the Board after completing eight years of distinguished service to the children and families of the district. Her resignation is effective Sept. 25, 2018. School board officials are actively seeking to fill the vacancy and invite District 53 residents to consider applying to fill the unexpired term by Thursday, Oct. 4. Details available on the District website, www.butler53.com.

Dr. Chun was first appointed to the Board in September 2010 and was re-elected in April 2011 and April 2015. During her time on the Board, she served on the District Leadership Team (DLT), Personnel Committee, and as PTO liaison. She also was involved in bidding and procurement, along with personnel and student issues. The last year and a half, she served as Board President. She and her husband have three children who attended Brook Forest School and Butler Junior High. Dr. Chun said she is retiring because she plans to travel more extensively since her children are grown and dispersed across the country.

“I am honored to have served the children of this District alongside so many talented and dedicated staff members, administrators and board members these last eight years,” she said.

“Dr. Chun led us with kindness, humbleness and respect for her colleagues, teachers, staff and most importantly the students whom she valued, protected and served above all else,” said Board Member Ahmad Sulaiman. “She is an inspiration to those from afar and an absolute guiding light of moral leadership for those who served alongside her,” he said.

“She is the example of what service means,” said Board Member Lou Paskalides. He added, “District 53 has grown and progressed because of her leadership, integrity, her ethics, her selfless duty as a Board member, her appreciation for the work that needed to be done and her love for the children and the future their education.”

Superintendent Dr. Heidi Wennstrom said that Dr. Chun has been a strong advocate for a child-centered learning environment, community value and educational excellence.”