District 53 Receives Schoolwide Model Award

Brook Forest School held an assembly Friday to receive an award from Schoolwide, but thanks to the school’s leadership team, the assembly was turned into a surprise thank you for the consultant who has led the district’s professional learning related to the Reader’s and Writer’s Instructional Model. Students and teachers thanked Pat Pollack, Director of Professional Development at Schoolwide for her training and coaching work that inspired Brook Forest and Butler Jr. High teachers to create a renewed focus on literacy and initiate Reading and Writing Workshops in their classrooms. A handful of students and teachers read their thank yous and a basket of more student cards were delivered to Mrs. Pollack to thank her for her positive influence on staff learning. During the surprise assembly at Brook Forest School, Mrs. Pollack presented the Model School Award to Brook Forest. Model Schools are schools that use exemplary literacy strategies to enhance reading, writing and learning. As designated Model Schools, Brook Forest and Butler Jr. High will share best practices and literacy experiences with fellow educators. Beginning last spring, Butler 53 has hosted over 10 school districts and over 100 teachers and administrators who arranged visits to our classrooms to learn about best practices in literacy instruction. Pollack said that the students and teachers were an inspiration and she was thrilled to provide them with the award. At the end of the assembly, both Mrs. Pollack and the Superintendent read books to the children, modeling best practice strategies to reinforce exemplary reading and learning for students and teachers.