About Brook Forest

Brook Forest is a dynamic, innovative learning environment where all staff members are committed to helping each and every child learn and thrive. Serving approximately 340 students in K-5th grade, our entire staff takes great pride in helping students better themselves academically, culturally, physically and socially.

Our school is unique. We are small, but rich in diversity and mighty in our program and support. Our learning community has high expectations for all and we strive to meet those. Teachers provide high quality instruction and rigor in the classroom, while ensuring a balanced approach to education in an effort to nurture the “whole child.” Learning occurs at the highest levels. We do this by assessing students and using data to set learning goals for students, adjust our curriculum and hone our instructional practices. Our curriculum promotes student growth, cultivates curiosity and empowers students to take charge of their own learning. Our instructional design seeks to address a variety of learning styles and needs, recognizing the need to teach the “whole child.” Just a few examples of the school-wide or grade-level events are Chinese New Year, Colonial Fair, Science Fair, Ellis Island Re-enactment, Health and Fitness Week, and much more.

In addition, Brook Forest supports professional growth through a collaborative work environment and regular, structured professional growth opportunities. In addition, students are active in clubs and activities, learning to be engaged and productive citizens. We are a family-centered school with unparalleled parent involvement. The PTO offers additional activities and classes to nurture student learning and success, and supports extended learning experiences such as field trips, cultural experiences and assemblies to deepen and enrich learning.