Value of a Butler Education

• In a recent study, Chicago Agent magazine noted that Butler School District 53 was the No. 1 in-demand school district in DuPage County. • Test scores showed that Butler District 53 students ranked 3rd in the state and 2nd among peer districts. • The District 53 Board of Education was able to reduce its cost per pupil by 13 percent in the last six years. These and other statistics were published in a document that showcases the value of the school district. “We wanted to identify and quantify the characteristics of a Butler education and how it affects the community,” said Board President Alan Hanzlik. The document analyzes academic achievement, including the school district’s ranking compared to 18 school systems with similar demographics and academic standards. For example, on recent PARCC scores, the District’s academic readiness score was 80.1 percent, the third highest in the state. Both Brook Forest and Butler Junior High were among only 30 schools statewide (of 3,700 schools) with scores above 80 percent. The document also highlights the District’s curriculum programs, including its nurturing culture, professional development of teachers and newer programs called the Eight the Keys of Excellence, which helps instills social intelligence, leadership and self awareness in students; its STEM classes and digital citizenship classes for every student. The document details the District’s finances and enrollment. Hanzlik noted that the District’s instructional spending per pupil has dropped from $12,561 in 2011 to $10,725 in 2015 while the District was able to make substantial investments in teacher training, technology, academics, and improvements and repairs to its aging buildings. “The long-term planning by the Board allows the District to keep its commitment to taxpayers while at the same time keeping the focus on the classroom,” he said.

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