Butler Junior High School Named 2021 National Blue Ribbon School for Third Time

Butler Junior High School Named 2021 National Blue Ribbon School for Third Time

Butler Junior High School has been named a National Blue Ribbon School in 2021 for the third time. The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes outstanding public and non-public schools across the United States since 1982. Butler Junior High School has previously been recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School in 2006 and 2015.

"As much as Butler Junior High has focused on student achievement, over the past several years we have focused on the social-emotional needs of our students, expanding programming, and building a school community. These strides have made learning more enjoyable, student achievement excel, and Viking pride to run through and through," said Andrea Prola, Principal at Brook Forest Elementary and previous Principal at Butler Junior High School.

Butler Junior High School serves students in grades 6-8 in Oak Brook, Illinois. Nationally acclaimed and recognized, Butler Junior High School is known for its small class sizes, innovative curriculum, and expansive extra curricular offering for all students. The mission of Butler School District 53 is to provide an evolving, innovative, and inclusive educational experience for all students to achieve academic excellence, social maturity, physical and emotional well-being, and an appreciation for cultural diversity. The diversity of the school's student body provides a unique opportunity to respect cultural differences, and at the same time, celebrate the unity of purpose and vision.

"As a district, we are always proud of our school community, but today we are even more proud of how District 53 has responded to th COVID-19 pandemic, innovated in light of challenges, committed to upgrading technology, and remaining focused on individualized student achievement. This commitment has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and we are honored to have Butler Junior High receive another National Blue Ribbon award," said Dr. Paul O'Malley, Superintendent of Schools.

The comradery on display at Butler Junior High is rare and speaks volumes about the students, their families, and their teachers who work together tirelessly, generation after generation, to uphold the values and traditions of this amazing learning community. In every classroom, students challenge themselves to tackle each new academic objective with a critical mind.

"Our students and parents are true partners in education with our talented faculty and staff. This partnership allows our students to achieve their fullest potential, make strides in individualized learning, and strengthen academic initiatives. We look forward to continuing to innovate and meet the needs of all students at Butler Junior High," remarked Melissa Zaniewski, Principal at Butler Junior High School.

The school will receive its award the first week of November in Washington, D.C. at an awards ceremony hosted by the U.S. Department of Education.