Bus Information

Bus transportation is furnished for students in most of the school district. Students who ride the bus home are expected to do so unless the school office receives a note or telephone call from the parents in advance. The school will not release children to neighbors or friends who come to take them home in their car unless given permission by the parents.

Children who do not ride the bus may not ride the bus to go to a friend’s house. For student safety and insurance reasons, bus-riding students are expected to ride their assigned bus to and from school. Students who are not bus riders are to go home after school and make arrangements to visit their friends through their parents.

It is important that every parent have the phone number of our bus company. The school office is open until 4:00 p.m. Should an emergency happen after 4:00 p.m. (bus breakdown, etc.) parents may choose to call the bus company and inquire as to the status of the route. The District 53 bus company is First Student and their phone number is 964-2500.

Bus routes and stops are planned by the bus company and school administration with great care. Stops are designed to be the safest and most convenient for the greatest number of students. Students are to take their assigned bus at the assigned stop.

Every student is entitled to a safe and comfortable ride. Each student is expected to demonstrate common courtesy and consideration of others. The driver will notify the principal of any violation of the rules. Offending students may be forbidden to ride the bus. Parents will be notified.

Any problems with bus schedules or student behavior on the bus should be referred to the administration. Families will be notified of bus routes and pick-up times during the registration period.