About Butler Junior High

Butler Junior High is often compared to an elite private school. While small, at 200+ students, it is heralded for its many accolades, high expectations of parents, expansive and challenging curriculum, involved parents and focus on the social emotional growth of students.

Educators and staff at Butler hold themselves and the school to the highest of standards. This has pushed the District to explore and invest in innovative curricular, technology and professional growth. As a result, learning, professional growth and faculty collaboration occur at top levels.

Butler offers an unusually rich, rigorous and varied curriculum that engages and challenges students. Butler employs the Reader’s and Writer’s Model, in which students have large blocks of time integrating reading, writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and public speaking skills, which helps students hone problem solving, critical and creative thinking skills. The math program is designed to challenge students as they advance through each course. We recently realigned our math course objective with increased emphasis on students’ conceptual understanding and problem solving. Science courses promote curiosity and the use of sound experimental design with the goal to prepare students for the rigors of high school science. Hands-on STEM courses are taught in a new STEM designed lab. Students choose from electives that encourage creativity, collaboration and exploration such as art studio, choir, STEM, digital graphic design and broadcast communications. Further, students participate in retreats to explore teamwork, leadership and character. Extra curriculars are equally as diverse and all students are involved in at least one sport, club or activity. In academic clubs such as Science Olympiad, Geo Bee Math Team, students consistently earn honors during competitions.

Strong parent involvement, staff collaboration and community support is a hallmark of Butler. The PTO is exceedingly active, sponsoring programs, field trips, some electives and socials.

But, despite these accolades, Butler Junior High is a school that continually strives to better itself and meet the academic and social/emotional needs of every child.