Butler Junior High Goes 'Beyond All Limits', Adopts Giraffe From Brookfield Zoo

Butler Junior High Goes 'Beyond All Limits', Adopts Giraffe From Brookfield Zoo

To honor the Butler Junior High graduating class of 2020, principal Andrea Prola adopted a reticulated giraffe named Potoka via the Brookfield Zoo's Animal Adoption program. The adoption will help support, feed, and house Potoka for 1 year.

The significance of this gift begins with a field trip to Washington, D.C., where the students' affections for animals were on full display; and Principal Prola thought of the perfect send-off gift for the 8th graders: adopt an animal that represents their same unique traits.

"First, no two patterns on a giraffe are the same, representing everyone's unique strengths and differences," explained Miss Prola. "The giraffe is known as the gentle giant: graceful and peaceful." She also pointed out that giraffes have the biggest heart of any land mammal, just like the hearts of the class of 2020!

In addition to the year-long adoption, Butler Junior High art teacher Nina Angelillo created a beautiful painting of a giraffe with all of the graduating class' names on it. A giraffe statue has also been erected in front of the school, for all to remember the passion shown by the Class of 2020.

This year marks the beginning of a new tradition for Butler Junior High. Each graduating class is so distinctive and unforgettable, that each will now be the recipient of special, memorable gifts highlighting their characteristics as they continue to grow into adults of whom we will all be proud.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020! To see the recorded video stream, program, slideshow, and rewards program from the graduation ceremony, click here.