Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad teams take third and fourth place

Congratulations to Butler District 53’s Science Olympiad teams on their first competition of the season, which was held at the British International School of Chicago on Dec. 9. The Junior Varsity team ranked third overall and the Varsity team placed fourth, out of 16 teams. “The most impressive part of the weekend was watching the students positively support and encourage each other through their events,” said Sponsor Kim Krupicka. “Many event supervisors commented on the support Butler students showed each other.”

The next competition will be held in January and a regional competition will be held in March.

Individual students also earned awards for their performance:

Anatomy and Physiology

  • Rohan Tolani and Shivani Rao. - 1st
  • Rishab Singh and Jaden Schmidt - 2nd

Battery Buggy

  • Rhea Kumar and Arun Lal - 3rd

Disease Detectives

  • Serene Safvi and Saanvi Sethi. - 4th
  • Natalie Chang and Jenna DSouza. - 1st

Dynamic Planet

  • Shiven Shah and Saanvi Sethi - 4th

Fast Facts

  • Leeland Zhang and Rohan Tolani - 1st


  • Priya Dhananjaya and Aishvarya Godla. - 2nd
  • Rhea Kumar and Nazia Kamal -2nd


  • Rohan Kumar and Aasha Atluri - 3rd


  • Masa Abboud and Rohan Julka - 2nd

Microbe Mission

  • Rishab Singh and Arun Lal - 3rd
  • Rama Bhagwat and Raghav Sharma - 3rd

Mystery Architecture

  • Rhea Kumar and Arman Akbar - 3rd


  • Arman Akbar and A.J .Smith - 3rd

Road Scholar

  • Arjun Siani and Masa Abboud - 2nd


  • Rohan Shah and Shivani Rao - 3rd
  • Rhea Kumar and Nazia Kamal - 3rd

Rocks and Minerals

  • Jenna DSouza and Rohan Kumar - 1st
  • Sophia Lee and Raghav Sharma - 4th


  • Rohan Shah and Arjun Saini - 4th

Wright Stuff

  • Eshaan Mylavarapu and Rhea Kumar - 2nd
  • Rohan Shah and Leeland Zhang - 4th

Write It Do It

  • Zaina Karim and Arjun Saini - 3rd
  • Morgan Carlson and Aishvarya Godla - 4th 


  • Anna Amine and Rohan Kumar - 3rd