Butler students place in 8th in state Science Olympiad

Showcasing their creativity, knowledge and problem-solving skills, the Butler Junior High Science Olympiad Team placed 8th in the state finals April 29, held at the University of Illinois. Science Olympiad tournaments are rigorous academic interscholastic competitions that consist of a series of team events, which students prepare for during the year. These challenging and motivational events feature the various science disciplines of biology, earth science, chemistry, physics and technology. The topics also require knowledge of science concepts, process skills and science applications. The results of the state meet are as follows: Herpetology - 1st Rohan Tolani Kavin Anand Anatomy and Physiology - 5th Ansh Shah Adi Badlani Meterology – 6th Yahya Junejo Luke Berg Potions and Poisons – 6th Fatima Mohammad Shivanini Rao Geocaching – 6th Jui Khankari Aishvarya Godla Hovercraft – 7th Aanika Atluri Moosa Ahmed Rocks and Minerals -7th Merwin D'Souza Sidh Leekha Butler District 53 students began competing at Science Olympiad events in 2009 and were state contenders in the past. Science teacher Kim Krupicka is the head coach. Three students commented on their experience in the program. “Science Olympiad has been such a great experience these past 4 years, primarily because of the camaraderie that I find to be so unique to the Butler team. Everyone is so incredibly enthusiastic about what they do and so willing to cheer their teammates on, no matter what actually happens… and this exact reason is why I believe our team to be so successful. Butler Science Olympiad is a team that I will miss most next year” - Alisha Kumar, 8th grade “Science Olympiad builds relationships between the students and strengthens ones that have already formed. When preparing, there is no better feeling than helping your fellow classmates out. The state competition capped off a great season that formed friendships and tested our science abilities at a very high level.” - Ansh Shah, 8th grade “Science Olympiad has taught me so much. Because of it, I have had the chance to explore different fields of science that may influence my career choice in the future. I have also had the chance to become better friends with my classmates. I'll never forget these amazing years of my life that let me delve into my academic interests and let me have fun at the same time.” - Adi Badlani, 8th grade